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GDACS daily newsletter for 30/11/2015


Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System — Newsletter 30/11/2015

This daily newsletter provides an overview of the natural disasters that happened in the last 24 hours and response measures for ongoing disasters. GDACS currently covers earthquakes, tsunamis, tropical cyclones, volcanic eruptions and floods. The color coding (red, orange, green) is related to the estimated humanitarian impact of the event.


Disaster events in the last 24 hours

GDACS detected the following potential disasters. For up-to-date media coverage, latest maps and ReliefWeb content related to these disasters, please go to GDACS homepage.

map Green earthquake alert (Magnitude 4.7M, Depth:72.28km) in Venezuela 30/11/2015 04:28 UTC, 461330 people within 100km.
On 11/30/2015 4:28:17 AM, an earthquake occurred in Venezuela potentially affecting 461330 people within 100km. The earthquake had Magnitude 4.7M, Depth:72.28km.
map Green earthquake alert (Magnitude 5.9M, Depth:9.63km) in Argentina 29/11/2015 18:52 UTC, 448585 people within 100km.
On 11/29/2015 6:52:49 PM, an earthquake occurred in Argentina potentially affecting 448585 people within 100km. The earthquake had Magnitude 5.9M, Depth:9.63km.
map Green alert for tropical cyclone TUNI-15. Population affected by Category 1 (120 km/h) wind speeds or higher is 0.
From 27/11/2015 to 29/11/2015, a Tropical Storm (maximum wind speed of 74 km/h) TUNI-15 was active in SEPacific. The cyclone affects these countries: Samoa, Niue (vulnerability High). Estimated population affected by category 1 (120 km/h) wind speeds or higher is 0.
map Green earthquake alert (Magnitude 4.7M, Depth:85.64km) in Papua New Guinea 29/11/2015 14:42 UTC, 625988 people within 100km.
On 11/29/2015 2:42:27 PM, an earthquake occurred in Papua New Guinea potentially affecting 625988 people within 100km. The earthquake had Magnitude 4.7M, Depth:85.64km.


Discussions in Virtual OSOCC

The GDACS Virtual OSOCC is a forum for emergency managers. If you are involved in an ongoing emergency as a local emergency management authority or as an international responder, please provide your information in the GDACS Virtual OSOCC. The following emergencies are currently open.

Open emergencies
Myanmar Floods

updated: 13-August-2015
7.9M Earthquake in Nepal on 25 Apr 2015 06:11 UTC

updated: 9-August-2015
Typhoon Maysak - FS Micronesia

updated: 14-Apr-2015
Chile - floods

updated: 27-Apr-2015
Tropical Cyclone Pam

updated: 30-July-2015
Typhoon Chan-hom

updated: 11-July-2015


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